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3 Things You Should Not Do Before Any Math Exams

Previously I have written a post on How to prepare for Maths common test. (It has been one of the most popular posts) Today, I am going to discuss the 3 Things You Should Not Do Before Any Math Exams:

Do not practice new Math questions

Practicing Math is something you should do consistently everyday but NOT before your Math exams. I do not encourage this as by you might get 'freak' out by questions that you could not do, did not get the correct answers. This will not do good for your confidence.

Do not think of doing last minute revision

The more you cramped, the worse it gets. Pre exam period is about taking everything as per normal day. You eat your breakfast as per normal. Do not burn midnight oil instead have an early rest. This will ensure that you have a clear logical mind to handle the questions the next day. Freshness is one of the important factors to do well in exams.

Do not prepare your cheat sheet the day before your exam

Revision for Math exams is unique from other subjects in the sense that all you need for a fast revision would be just a sheet of A4 Paper with all the required formula and important points on just ONE sheet of A4 paper, YOUR CHEAT SHEET. Now this cheat sheet should be prepared many days in advance, even while you are consistently revising and working on your Math. It should be a 'stale' copy which you have been referring to for all your tests and exams.

I would love to hear from you what are the things you do or do not do on the eve of your Math Exams. Leave me a comment or question.

Why Ten Years Series Books Are Missing From Bookshelves?

Copyright issues hit 10-year series

Read the full story here

Source: Asiaone

My Point of View:

Since the O level Elementary and Additional Mathematics syllabus have recently changed, the ten years series might not be so relevant, instead it could cause more confusion when students are not fully aware of the out of syllabus questions.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Does it affect you?

Don't Ever Give Up

I guess many of you have completed your common test and have received your results. You must be happy or disappointed. Whichever the case is, PERSERVE ON! Like the 2 animals in the picture. Whoever can withstand the longer wins!

What can you do if you have not done well in your common test?

Reflect honestly.

Did you put in the effort in prepare for it? If yes, then what is the problem? You will know it better than anyone. If you do not have the answer, ask the people around you. Your parents, friends, classmates and teachers. They can probably share some observations and thoughts with you.

Take corrective measures.

Take action immediately to change for the better. Action can be a very simple one, like paying more attention during lesson or even completing your homework assignments. The important thing is get started!Never wait!

Pace yourself & observe the changes.

Constantly review the results you are getting for the effort you are putting into your work. If they are getting better, celebrate! Yes, you hear me right, celebrate by doing something you love! It can be 1 hour more computer playing time, a shopping trip over the weekend, catch a movie. This will work as you are happy and will continue to work even harder!

Conclusion: NEVER GIVE UP!

Share with us what you do if you did not do well in your common tests or exams so that history does not repeat itself!