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Pi.z.z.a Maths (cool stuff)

I came across this interesting image and would like to share with all of you.

This is to do with finding volume of a figure (example cylinder).

Volume of cylinder = PI * r^2 * h

r: radius, h: height

In general, to find the volume of a cylinder (or prism) = cross-sectional area * height.

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Foods for Better Memory

One of the interesting questions I discuss with my students every year before major examinations is

'What foods would you recommend for brain?'

Photo Credit: Bob.Fornal

Generally, I have heard about 'berries' and fish help in memory.

It wasn't until recently that I came across an interesting article on

Here's a summary of the foods recommended in the article:

  1. Herb: Rosemary
  2. Tea (Yes! The beverage)
  3. Fruits & Vegetables; colors for boosting memory are dark red, blue and green.
  4. Fish & Nuts
  5. Dessert: Honey

More details here: '5 Foods To Remember For Better Memory'.

So are there any specific foods you take to better your memory? I would love to hear from you! Leave me a comment.