A-Math: Application Question on Modulus Graph

Based on my observations on recent mid-year exams papers, prelims papers, it seems like many schools are setting highly application questions for many topics. In this post, I would like to share with you an example of how modulus graph can be tested by applying our basic concepts on equations of lines.

I have been reminding my students to keep their mind open to 'new - trend' questions which might require their fast thinking on the spot so we keep our mind flexible when we do our O-Level examinations.

I hope you learn useful concepts and thinking skills on this question. Do leave me a comment if you have any other questions.

modulus graph

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A-Maths: Full Derivation of R-formula

Last week, I taught my class on the topic of R-formula in A-Maths Trigonometry.

I highlighted that schools taught the usage of the two formulas as shown:

R-formula Trigonometry


In my years of teaching, I have also come across schools which have insisted students to understand and use the full derivation of R-formula to solve the questions. Last night, my student who was sure that her school did not teach full derivation contacted me to help her as she was told at the very last minute that full derivation of R-formula will be tested in her test.

I have included the step-by-step working here. It includes the usage of addition formula and identity formula. 

For those who prefer to hear from my explanation, I have included the video (duration: 6 minutes).

I would love to hear from you if you understand how R-formula is derived. Leave me your comment below.

R-formula Trigonometry Full Working

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O-Level Maths December 2014 Revision Workshops

 EM Functions & Graphs

How will our Year End Revision Workshops benefit your child ?

The Year End Revision Workshops will get your child to gain the momentum and confidence to:

  • Revise comprehensively on key essential concepts on a topic – by – topic basis.
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  • Apply concepts on application examination questions

We know it isn’t easy for students to accomplish all the mentioned by themselves, with distractions from Internet, handphones, TV, friends, going out, no interest in subject, almost totally giving up on the subject…

Basic Essential Concepts Workshop 2013

Here’s what we have to help your child:

Annual Year End Revision Workshops for GCE O-Level Additional + Elementary Mathematics:

  • Designed into workshops with a focused topic(s) coverage, including key essential concepts, application strategies, relationship linkage, easy-to-remember analogies for understanding abstracts.
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Mole Calculations Revision

How can we be sure that our Year End Revision Workshops will help your child?

  • She is also the invited book author for the latest GCE O-Level Ten Years Series (2004-2013) for Additional and Elementary Maths, Mentor Series for Secondary 3 and 4 Elementary Maths.
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  • Ai Ling has also worked with thousands and thousands of students (& parents) from more than 160 schools.
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"I especially enjoyed the functions and graphs workshop as I learnt many different ways to remember the shapes of curves. The workshop allowed me to gain confidence in handling the graph questions in the future. Besides, recaps in basics Trigonometry in E Math also allowed me to be more aware of concepts taught in school that I have get to grasp. I’d recommend anyone who’s unable to cope with studies to join Winners Education. Thank you Ai Ling!" Doreen Gan | Commonwealth Secondary

" The workshop explained challenging concepts in simple ways. Along with examples and a variety of questions that tested our understanding of the topic, this workshop helped me better understand the more complex chapters of math! " Nicholas Lam | St. Gabriel’s Secondary

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Maths Schedule

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