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If you are a vivid (avid) reader of singaporeolevelmaths, you would have noticed that I do recommend some Chemistry programmes by 2 - 3 months back.

I am excited to announce that both singaporeolevelmaths and have come together under the same umbrella to continue unleashing potential of more students, coaching them to achieve what they truly deserve.

What is all about?

#1 Site for 'O' Level Chemistry Tips as seen on,,,

#1 Site for 'O' Level Chemistry Workshops as seen on, is a website learning portal for students, parents and educators to enhance their understanding and interest in Chemistry through the extensive sharing of tips, strategies, Chemistry everyday events. It makes uses of videos to bring across messages, making it every interactive for its readers. has a over 6000 views per month, with readers mostly from Singapore, US, Australia, India, Pakistan.

Who is the founder of ?

“Sean is full of passion to relate abstract ChemistryTheories to his students in an enjoyable way, and shares from his heart” – Mrs Vina Yeow

Many people talked about teaching Chemistry, Sean Chua lives it. He is a passionate Chemistry Coach based in Singapore, Southeast-Asia and one of the most dynamic, powerful and humorous speakers in Asia. He has empowered hundreds of students to experience Chemistry learning with a difference, and unlock the secrets to achieve the grades they truly deserve.

Read more about him here.

How can readers of benefit from this come-together?

  • For students who are taking 'O' level Chemistry, this is definitely the website you want to subscribe to (it's free!) Be updated with the latest blog posts via your email. Go to to start your subscription now!
  • Participate actively in the website by posting your answers to questions, leaving comments, sharing your thoughts on the posts. Participation is a key element for learning faster and remember more!

I will be announcing more exciting news which will benefit you in some ways in the next few days as well as providing more value for you.

"Giving you what you want", does it sound good for you? ;)

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