A Maths tutorMy name is Ai Ling, Ong and I’m a full time trainer for GCE O – Level Elementary & Additional Mathematics in Winners Education Centre and an invited book author for GCE O – Level Ten Years Series (2003 – 2012)

From Holiday Work to Profession

I started offering Maths tuition to students at the age of 18 after I completed my A – Level in National Junior College.  This continued on throughout my tertiary education in NUS. I was managing my heavy workload in Chemical Engineering while helping underperforming students to make sense of Maths; simplifying abstract concepts, designing out of the box analogies to help them relate better, thinking of funny ways to help them to remember important concepts. I derive my satisfaction and joy from seeing students who eventually emerge victoriously by obtaining their first time pass in tests and examinations, improving their results by one or more grades up … Read about these students’ achievements here.

I enjoy imparting my skills to students so much that I decide to make teaching my full time career after my graduation. Read about the programmes I’m conducting here.

After over a decade of teaching and sharing, hundreds and hundreds of students from more than 172 schools, seeing them breakthrough in learning of Maths is my greatest joy, even up to now.

Featured on The Straits Times

I was interviewed on Feb 2015 on my reasons of taking O-Level Elementary & Additional Maths examinations as a private candidate since 2013.


In 2007, I came across blogging as a platform for sharing information and got interested in sharing my wealth of knowledge in the learning of Mathematics with O – Level students in Singapore and globally. The site started as a Question & Answer platform to assist students with their Maths questions and has progressed to a site with a monthly page views of over 8000 visits from all over the world. I’ve been writing about Maths strategies on understanding abstract concepts, common mistakes and discussion of challenging questions for students, parents and educators. I believe that these simple, practical Maths Tips will reach out to more students in helping them to be a happier learner and thus enjoy learning Maths. I’ve also used YouTube to enhance my sharing and received over 50000 views.

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