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E-Maths: Mensuration Formula Sheet

I have compiled a 'cheat sheet' to find volume and surface area of

  • cube
  • cuboid
  • prism
  • cylinder
  • pyramid
  • cone
  • sphere

This will be a quick summary for all students taking their O-Level examinations and school examinations. This will be useful for E-Maths students as the new syllabus includes a real life application question which can be testing on concepts involving these figures. It will be helpful for A-Maths students as well especially in their Differentiation proving questions. On top of that, A-Level H1/H2 students will benefit from it as well since it could required in their calculus proving questions too.


A-Maths Students' Wishlist: This Amazing Calculator

The school term has just started and it was exciting to meet familiar faces and new ones in our weekly tuition classes for both O-Level Maths, O-Level Chemistry and A-Level H2 Chemistry.

While I was teaching in my Secondary 3 Additional Mathematics class on the usage of their Scientific Calculator to solve linear simultaneous equations, one student pointed out there was a new calculator which is much more powerful in terms of functions. Another student in the O-Level class mentioned it too. I was excited about this new calculator!

I went searching for calculators in our centre and managed to find one in the cupboard! Casio fx-95ES Plus. It looks exactly like my current Casio model except it has additional functions like:

  • Displaying answers in surd forms! (Useful for Trigonometry, Surd!
  • Solving quadratic inequality! (Many students can't seem to get this right!)
  • Setting your base in logarithm! (You can forget about change base formula in logarithm!)

A Maths Tuition

These are the new features that I observed, there could be more!

However, when I went to the Ministry of Education Approved Calculator List, Casio fx-95ES Plus wasn't in that list. Since this calculator was bought by my colleague Sean Chua from Popular bookstore last November, I was thinking maybe MOE has yet to update the list so I emailed them to confirm. And attached was their reply.

Lesson learnt:

  • Not all calculators sold in Popular bookstores are approved for usage in major examinations.
  • We must still learn our concepts well instead of relying only on calculator to help us!

Well, I'm going into the topic of Quadratic Inequality in a few weeks time, join me in my weekly O-Level A-Maths tuition classes before it's too late! Go to NOW for the details!


A Maths Tuition


Foods for Better Memory

One of the interesting questions I discuss with my students every year before major examinations is

'What foods would you recommend for brain?'

Photo Credit: Bob.Fornal

Generally, I have heard about 'berries' and fish help in memory.

It wasn't until recently that I came across an interesting article on

Here's a summary of the foods recommended in the article:

  1. Herb: Rosemary
  2. Tea (Yes! The beverage)
  3. Fruits & Vegetables; colors for boosting memory are dark red, blue and green.
  4. Fish & Nuts
  5. Dessert: Honey

More details here: '5 Foods To Remember For Better Memory'.

So are there any specific foods you take to better your memory? I would love to hear from you! Leave me a comment.

3 Things You Should Not Do Before Any Math Exams

Previously I have written a post on How to prepare for Maths common test. (It has been one of the most popular posts) Today, I am going to discuss the 3 Things You Should Not Do Before Any Math Exams:

Do not practice new Math questions

Practicing Math is something you should do consistently everyday but NOT before your Math exams. I do not encourage this as by you might get 'freak' out by questions that you could not do, did not get the correct answers. This will not do good for your confidence.

Do not think of doing last minute revision

The more you cramped, the worse it gets. Pre exam period is about taking everything as per normal day. You eat your breakfast as per normal. Do not burn midnight oil instead have an early rest. This will ensure that you have a clear logical mind to handle the questions the next day. Freshness is one of the important factors to do well in exams.

Do not prepare your cheat sheet the day before your exam

Revision for Math exams is unique from other subjects in the sense that all you need for a fast revision would be just a sheet of A4 Paper with all the required formula and important points on just ONE sheet of A4 paper, YOUR CHEAT SHEET. Now this cheat sheet should be prepared many days in advance, even while you are consistently revising and working on your Math. It should be a 'stale' copy which you have been referring to for all your tests and exams.

I would love to hear from you what are the things you do or do not do on the eve of your Math Exams. Leave me a comment or question.