What Has My Left Palm Got To Do With Math?

Palm Reading for my Destiny? Nope.

I was recently doing graph topics with some students. And some were complaining how much they have to memorize until I revealed to them some of the Underground Secrets on Mastery Of Graphs. They were amazed and amused.



Click on pictures for clearer view

Our palms have the exponential graph y=e^x embedded on them! Now you have 1 less graph to take care of. Just ensure you keep your hands nice and clean so that the palm lines stay on for you forever.

When the need to draw y=e^x arises, flip that palm up :)

Warning: You ought to do it tactfully in case the invilgator suspects you of cheating. Haha

I will be writing on more secrets on Mastery of Graphs. If you like these secrets, subscribe to singaporeolevelmaths for free to be posted of more updates.

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  1. haha. omg, that's so cute. :D you're brilliant, could you think of more ideas for the others like y^(square root 2) graphs?? lol...:D


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