How To Achieve D7 to A1 O Level A-Maths in 4 months?

Top Revision Strategy I Use On My Students To Help Them Score!

With time being the main concern for revision. When my students complete the basic concepts understanding, it is time for them to really put what they have learnt to application.

Are there times where they are unable to do the questions? Absolutely. Especially so when they just completed the fundamental understanding of the subject. That is where being a Coach, I come into the picture to guide them through simply by asking and asking so that they can think on their own answers through the questions asked. I strongly emphasize on this as isn't this the thinking process you need to go through in the examination hall while doing the paper?

Now, I am also very encouraging as everyone need praises for every little action you have taken! Cheers!

Now is the time where most schools are generously presenting their students with the loads of papers to work on. It is unrealistics to complete ALL the papers especially the flow of the exam papers are endless. So what I get my students to do is to write down the steps for topics which they are very confident in and for topics which they are still not that great yet, step by step solutions are then required.

Based on the poll I have conducted on this website on your bottom right hand side, one of the biggest challenges in learning of Math is that :

This is proven effective revision method for all my students so far; time effective & optimial learning strategy, so I strongly suggest if you are a student, use this method and test it out. Please remember in order to effectively benefit from this way of revision, you need to totally clear on your basic concepts. Yes BASIC CONCEPTS.

Allow me to show you an example on Sum & Product of Roots question:


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  1. this website is good and suggestion is to attach some exam question with solution so that students get to do various type of question.


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