How Do You "Study" For Math?

With 'O' level just right in the face, I just received an email asking me how to study for Math.

In fact, when you do a search on this site, you would have noticed I have written a few posts on "studying" for Math. Here are some of the posts I have done:

This time, instead of providing an answer to this question, I will be interested to know how you study for Math. Go ahead and leave your studying skills in the comment section.

I look forward to your reply.

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3 Responses to How Do You "Study" For Math?

  1. As a person who loves maths alot, i have been practising real hard for it since the start of secondary 3. previously for the preparation of prelims, i do other branded school prelims paper. but as the o levels gets nearer, im starting to do my ten year series. i believe in practising maths for at least two hours a day but at times, i would take up to 4 hours!


  2. Studying for maths required many disciplines in order to handle basic calculation.
    First is practice hard and wide.
    Second, is self-correction and detection of error and the why's.
    Third is to have confidence and not to be discourage by the many failures or errors.
    Believeing in oneself is the key to managing maths.
    Always stay positive, and you will see results, good results.


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