Need graph paper but had none at home!

Need graph paper but had none at home!

This was the situation I faced yesterday. I needed some graph papers urgently for plotting of some cumulative frequency graphs but they simply ran out when I check my drawers.

I am sure some of you had the same experience like me before.

This incident reminded me of another funny thing that happened back during my old school times.

We had this very fierce Math teacher whom everyone was very fearful of. We were learning something about graphs during that time and she was returning us our graph assignments. She made a "special mention" to a classmate of his remarkable! effort of creating his own graph paper! Really drawing out the squares manually!


Lesson learnt : " Go Google and type in "Free Graph Papers". You will get an endless list of sites which provide all the different kinds of graph papers that you will need.

Cheers to technology!

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