GCE O Level A-Maths Mid Year Revision

Dear students,

With the mid year exams and prelims just round the corner, I am taking the time to help a small group of Sec 4 O Level students to revise on the Sec 3 A-Maths Topics.
Due to limited seats, contact me if you or your child needs help on the following topics.


Click on the picture for clearer view.

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Hi, I'm Ai Ling Ong. I enjoy coaching students who have challenges with understanding and scoring in 'O' Level A-Maths and E-Maths. I develop Math strategies, sometimes ridiculous ideas to help students in understanding abstract concepts the fast and memorable way. I write this blog to share with you the stuff I teach in my class, the common mistakes my students made, the 'way' to think, analyze... If you have found this blog post useful, please share it with your friends. I will really appreciate it! :)

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  1. Hi, my name is kaiwen...saw your blog in ping.sg....wow...are you a maths teacher...my ambition is to become a maths teacher before...your blog is being well kept and done nicely.... very impressed...keep up the good work!


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