Effective Learning Tips from SimpleChemConcepts


Recently I was following SimpleChemConcepts Effective Learning Tips Series by Sean. They are extremely useful if and only if you apply them on yourself.

Though the learning tips are more towards Chemistry, there are a few tips which I think are applicable for any subject you are learning.

This is one of them:

"Ask questions about anything you are not clear about or require further information or clarification about.No questions are stupid"

Learning is about understanding new concepts and clarification of thoughts which will then lead to true mastery of the subject.

2 Learning Strategies I Live By Personally

  1. I take every chance to share with others on what I have learnt. By sharing, not only do I reinforce my understanding, I gather more insight and new perspectives sometimes, adding on to my wealth of knowledge.
  2. Whenever I learnt something new, I find opportunities to keep applying them and see the outcomes I get. If the outcome is desirable, I will keep using the new strategies.

If you have more learning strategies which have helped you to learn better and faster, share with us on the comments section below. We would love to learn more, wouldn't we? :-)


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