E-Math: What is Direct Proportion and Inverse Proportion?

Proportion is a topic taught in Secondary 1 and 2. In fact, we have learnt about direct proportion much younger.


A real simple example of Direct Proportion would be the more money I have, the more things I can buy. When amount of money increases, the number things I can buy increase too. (Notice the increase in both things)

Another example, the less I eat, the thinner I become, so as the amount of food eaten decreases, my weight decreases too.


An example of inverse proportion most of you can relate to would be: the more time I spent on Facebook (PSP, WII, Internet), the less time I have on my books!

Allow me to add in another example of Inverse Proportion, the more I spent, the less I have in my bank.

These are some examples (simple) to understand the true meaning of Direct or Inverse proportion.

In the next post, I will be sharing with you how we can translate a statement into an equation involving proportion. I'm also going to highlight the 'tricky' proportion question in 2008 GCE O Level Elementary Mathematics Paper 1.

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