E-Math: Quadratic Checklist

checklist-emAs I'm writing this post, we are only 89 days away from GCE 'O' Level Elementary Maths Paper 1.

Personally I think in this last phase of preparation, students must feel confident by reflecting on the things they've understand all these while.

I'm going to start this checklist for both E-Math & A-Math in this countdown towards 'O' Level 2010 and I hope you find it useful & beneficial in boosting your confidence and motivating yourself to do better.

For the topic of Quadratic, do you know

  • How to find the intercepts ( x & y), the turning point (minimum or maximum), given a quadratic graph?
  • How to sketch a quadratic graph given any type of quadratic equation?
  • How to complete square for a quadratic equation?
  • How to state the minimum or maximum from a completed square equation?
  • The various methods to solve a quadratic equation?
  • How to handle a problem solving question in Paper 2 involving quadratic concepts?

Above are the main concepts you need to know for Quadratic, feel free to add on any more in the comment section so that more readers can benefit from your sharing.

Study smart & stay cool!

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