E-Math: Order of Matrix

Another Tip for students taking GCE O Level Elementary Math (E-Math):

Though order of Matrix is a rather small part of the chapter, it is still essential that you know how to list down the order of any matrix which will be used in operation of matrix.(Especially multiplication of matrix)

In this post, I will provide some tips on how to list down the order of any matrix which is the Number of Rows x Number of Columns.

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  1. Hello

    I wanted to know how to determine the multiplication of matrices eg

    R2C2 X R2C1 = R2C1

    What about R2C1 X R2C2 =?

    Is there a way of figuring it our from Rows (R) and Columns (C)

    Thank you for your time


    alwaysLovely Reply:

    Hi Sonia,

    For multiplication of matrices, you must first check the order of the 2 matrices.

    Order of matrix is No. of Rows x No. of Columns

    For example
    1st matrix : 1 x 2 2nd matrix: 2 x 3

    The 'inner' order which is 2 & 2 must match before you can multiply the matrices together.

    The 'outer' order which is 1 x 3 will be the order of your answer to this multiplication.

    I hope this is useful for you.

    Read more on multiplication of matrix here:


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