E-Math: How To Multiply Matrix (Know Your Rs & Cs)

Another important Tip for students taking GCE O Level Elementary Mathe (E-Math):

Unlike multiplication of numbers, multiplication of matrix requires some prep work.

  1. First, you have to check the feasibility of the 2 Matrices which you are multiplying together. You must know the order of each matrix i.e Number of Rows x Number of Columns (I always call it RC, Resident Committee, Remote Control etc...)
  2. Next, you have to know the order of your answer before you go ahead and find the answers.

I am using the following question to illustrate How To Multiply Matrix step by step.

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4 Responses to E-Math: How To Multiply Matrix (Know Your Rs & Cs)

  1. Very interesting way of showing Matrix.

    So much better than what my boring teacher is doing in class.

    My tuition teacher only ask me to do assessment books that my mum boughts. My friend say this chapter is easy when we understand it. But i just dont get it untill now.

    Thanks for showing it so clearly.

    Wonder if your weekly LEAP programme will go through Matrix?



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