Yeah! We Subdued The A-Math Killer Topics!

First of all, I have to apologised to all my dear readers of my recent MIA (Missing In Action) on this blog.

For those students in Singapore, I hope most of you have enjoyed your 1 week break,re-charge & ready for Term 2! It's going to be a short term with Mid Year Exams upcoming. Haha... I know I know it's mean to remind you all of the exams when the holidays aren't even over yet.

I was away from blogging on more Math Tips as I am focusing on my energy with a few students on subdue-ing the Top Rated Killer A-Math Topics : Logarithms & Trigonometry! It was really intensive for the 3 days but everything was worthwhile.

photo credit: WoofBC

I learnt lots! Yes I learnt as well. I learn more about how students approach the topics, their challenges, their life! Oh yeah, I also learnt that my students like to play Dai-Di ( A poker card game) in school!

It was so satisfying to see students making the progress of having blank on papers to having the tools and strategies to score,improve by at least 3 folds and at the same time, enjoy the progress.

I certainly had a great deal of time, playing along, doing our Trigo Wave like that of Kallang wave (this wave gave me a night of leg-aching!).

Remember : "Continue to use the tools & strategies to subdue the killer topics and you can be certain to witness some leap improvement in A-Maths"

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