What happens if I do not take A-Maths?

Will students be allowed to offer H2 Maths (Maths Offered at JC Level) if they did not offer Additional Mathematics at ‘O’ Level?

The H2 Maths syllabus assumes knowledge of Additional Maths at 'O'  level.However, schools may allow students who did not offer Additional Maths at ‘O’ level to offer H2 Maths if they show an aptitude for the subject. These students must be prepared to put in the work to bridge the knowledge gap.

Depending on the route you are going to take, either Poly or JC, A-Maths is going to affect you in some ways.

For example, if I plan to do engineering course for my Uni, Maths is definitely a MUST and if you were to do a little research, you will see that most engineering course will require you do have at least a H2 Math pass.

Check out the different Uni entry requirements for A Level results HERE >> NUS, NTU,

Polytechnics offering different courses also have their own admission criteria.

I strongly recommend you to sit down and think through what kind of programmes you wish to further study on BASED ON YOUR INTEREST. Then check out the offerings of each educational instituition.

Hi, I'm Ai Ling Ong. I enjoy coaching students who have challenges with understanding and scoring in 'O' Level A-Maths and E-Maths. I develop Math strategies, sometimes ridiculous ideas to help students in understanding abstract concepts the fast and memorable way. I write this blog to share with you the stuff I teach in my class, the common mistakes my students made, the 'way' to think, analyze... If you have found this blog post useful, please share it with your friends. I will really appreciate it! :)

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  1. Hi Ai Ling.

    I was google about this and how fortunate to found this blog. I love the poems as I'm into Literature. I'm a 14 year old, secondary 2 student and in my case, not eligible to opt for A-Math.

    I often go to talks and seminars for the fun and knowledge of it. One time I heard from a speech, "School education is'nt your limit. You are living in the open source generation. Self-learning makes yourself a teacher to yourself".

    I thought about and decided, to teach A-Math to myself with the help of books and my siblings whom all took it. I want to be able to take much more available courses in University.

    Any advice ?


    Ai Ling Ong Reply:

    Hi Hakim,

    With so many resources available online and in bookstore, you definitely can self learn any subject as long as you have a strong desire.
    Is it going to be easy? Well it depends.
    Take a small step at a time.

    Enjoy learning!


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