Type of Numbers In A Simple Mindmap

Students whom I coach know that I'm a 'lazy' person when it comes to memorizing. So the way I teach is also free of memory work most of the time or if memorization is involved, I will cook up funny, ridiculous mnemonic (I can't spell this word, had to google for correct spelling)  to help them remember better.

In this post, I'm sharing with you how I come out with a simple mindmap from Mindmeister.com to remember the type of numbers. For example, what are integers, whole numbers, natural numbers? I get confused easily and I'm sure some of you also face the same problem, isnt it?

Click on image for a bigger view.


This is useful in topics like Set Notation and Inequality, topics in E-Maths. If you like the mindmap, feel free to save it by 'Right Click' and 'Save as'. You can refer to it whenever and wherever.

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