Top 7 Commonly Made Mistakes in Logarithm

How many of you would like to learn Math faster?
And how many of you would like to score more marks for Math?

Do you know that one of the fastest and effective techniques to grasp something fast would be to learn the mistakes that many others are commonly making and thus avoid them at all cost!

I am going to share with you the Top 7 Commonly Made Mistakes in Logarithm.

Please note all these are mistakes so do not follow instead you must be aware of them and constantly remind yourself not to fall into the same trap.

(Click on it to have a better view)

(Click on it to have a better view)

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  1. Hi Augustino,

    Hard Log Qns are very subjective.
    What I find easy might be challenging for you and vice versa.
    I am looking into sending my subscribers a list of Log Questions to work on.


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