Tips for scoring in A-Math Circular Measure

Another enquiry sent in by student regards to Additional Mathematics (A-Maths)

Student: I can't seem to get the complicated qn on circular measure correct, there are so many formulaes to remember?

Coach: No need remember formulaes cos they're given in formulae sheet! sin rule/cos rule/area of triangle.

  1. Given a diagram, break down the diagram by re-drawing the needed portion of what the question wants >> Stay Focused
  2. Look out for Isosceles triangle or Right angle triangle.Mark out the sides which are equal in an isosceles triangle (sometimes, they form the radius of the circle). When right angle triangle is present, Pythagroa's theorem for finding length, TOA CAH SOH for angles & length. >> Look out for triangles
  3. Always see if sin rule can be applied first otherwise cos rule
  4. When evaluating arc length or area of sector, switch calculator to radian mode.

There are no formulaes to remember other than finding arc length and area of sector.



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