Release of GCE 'O' level results 2008 (Unofficial)

Many 2008 GCE 'O' level students are getting excited with the speculations of the release of results to be either this week or next week. I called MOE customer service, they gave a estimated time - mid January.

My guess would be the 3rd week of January 09 ( From 12th Jan onwards). Whichever is the case, the news will probably announce it this week.

Anyone has reliable 1st hand news on the exact date for release of GCE 'O' level results 2008? Post it in the comments section.

Be excited!!!

Do not think so much till you get your results!!!

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5 Responses to Release of GCE 'O' level results 2008 (Unofficial)

  1. Hi, I've received news from school already, official release of result is 12th Jan 2009, Monday, report to school in uniform by 2pm, all the best to students here that will be taking results.


  2. When it will be release in brunei,im dying for waiting it,could someone give me a clue where to download the result in brunei


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