Private Candidate: Which Math Syllabus To Retake?

I'm considering retaking my Os for 2009 and had searched through SEAB website for the syllabus.  For Math D, there is a revised version and a version which will be examined for the last time in 2009.  Hmm.. as im 23 this yr and its like donkey years since ive taken my Os, would appreciate if you could advise on which is the appropriate version so that i could purchase the textbooks.  Also, how are your fees like if i were to have you as my tutor? Vanessa
Hi Vanessa,
A quick update on the 2 different syllabus of Elementary Mathematics 4016 (New) and 4017(Old)

For the new syllabus:

  • Calculators are allowed for both Paper 1 and 2
  • There is formulae sheet provided for the new syllabus as well.
  • There isn't anymore Transformations, Loci, part of vectors is also streamlined.
  • There is added new component like in Statistics the Box-Whisker diagram, stem and leaf plot, dot diagrams, calculation of Standard deviation, Matrices, Arc length of circle, area of sector

Advantages of new syllabus:

  • You can easily get hold of the latest textbooks as almost every school is adopting the new syllabus.
  • Calculators and formula sheet are provided so rote memorization is minisized.
  • You do not have to deal with visual topics like transformations, loci, part of vectors.
  • If you do not do well in the retake, you can still continue with the new syllbus.

Advantages of old syllabus:

  • Those are the things which you have learnt it previously and might have a little recollection so relearning is easier and faster.
  • You can refer to the TYS for reference questions, after all the old syllabus has been around for quite long.
  • No calculator for Paper 1 so the questions are testing on basic understanding of concepts

Important Points:

  • Registration for private candidates start early in the year (Feb-Mar)
  • Start preparation early and be consistent
  • Preparation for E-Math involves Sec 1 - 4 syllabus.

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  1. Hey hi!

    Im so happy that i came across your website. Im 21 yrs old and a private O'level student. I really appreciate your tips. Thank you so much. I didnt engage with any tuition centre because im planning to study by my own and your website helps me alot, Such as the new syllabus for maths. I have difficulty struggling by my own and again your website helps alot. i will like to thank you again~!

    THANK YOU!!!!!


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