O Level Exams Timetable

The school has just started and I was shocked to hear from students over MSN that their teachers are already showering them with "gifts". Some are rather generous! Haha.

This is especially so for students sitting for the O papers in 10 months time. Oh yes. 10 months, well I think with the public holidays, school holidays, it is less than 10 months.

The tentative exam timetable  for 2008 O Level dates (* 20 October - 12 November ) is available here on THE website.


I always like to see exams as running a race. As a runner, there are different strategies in preparing yourself in this race. One thing many students did not realize is that this race does not start in Oct, it has begun way before ... You have been running for the past 4 years. In Oct, you are going to run the last lap. Your performance is determined by how well you complete the last lap.

Success always begins with taking the first step.

Ready? Get Set? GO!

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