MOE To Set Clearer Rules To Curb False, Misleading Ads By Private Schools

I was just being informed of this latest announcement: MOE is going to set clearer rules to curb false, misleading ads by private schools.

Since this blog has a high number of students enrolling in private education, either retaking 'O' levels as a private candidate or studying private courses. I think it is important that students are careful with their selection of private schools and courses.

Here are some ways I think a private student can make a wiser decision on selection of private schools and courses.

  • Personally visit the private schools to find out more. Hear from both the principals,teachers as well as the students (talk to at least a few of them) who are already in the schools. Understanding from a student perspective could be more real, afterall they are already in the schools for sometime. They can give you more insight into the schools track record.
  • Never believe totally what the private schools say to be true until you have verified the information by checking the credibility of the schools through online research like CASE or even through MOE. It is always safer to trust that you are committing yourself financially and mentally to a reputable school.
  • Clear all your doubts before signing on any programmes.
  • Never give in to peer pressure. Instead of following your friends blindly, allow yourself sufficient time to gather relevant information from different sources or programmes before making your final decision.
  • When things are too good to be true, very often, they are too good to be true!
  • Please note that when schools state that their teachers are school teachers, it does not necessarily mean that they are ex-school teachers. It could be a marketing gimmick, widely misunderstood by public. If you are looking specifically for MOE school teachers, look out for NIE-Trained teachers. If you still do not believe, ask for the credentials of the teachers.

I hope this post has been useful for students and parents finding a suitable private school for continued education.

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