Meet the Parents Session on the Last Day of School

I was jogging past a secondary school near my place when I see students holding THE book. Some were with parents, some alone.

I never had this experience. We didn't have Meet the Parents sessions back in my school days.

To my parents, it isn't a good thing for them to go to my school.

Things have changed.

Every term or half a year, parents would be invited to schools to hear feedback and perhaps compliments about their children performance.

Looking at the expression on the child face, it must be a strange experience to have your parents go to school with you. Everyone wasn't in their own self, chatting merrily with friends, walking without a care for the world . . . Everybody looks serious. Really serious.

How was your experience on this last day of school?

Was it a good one or a bad one? I would love to hear your experience in the comments section.

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