Integration Mixed With Differentiation

In Integration, unlike Differentiation, there isn't any product rule nor quotient rule. Having said this, examiners always like to present question in that form of either product or quotient. Students who aren't able to see through their plot to confuse your mind will fall straight into their trap.

The question most students will ask next will be what to do when the Integration is presented in the manner as if we can use product or quotient rule aka the given question is in the form of a fraction.

These are the few ways you can work around it

  • Simplifying either by breaking up the numerator
  • Simplification by applying Indices Law (very useful when you are working with exponential or bases-powers)
  • Apply partial fraction concept

Look at this question:
\int (2x+1)\sqrt{8x+4} dx

It is expressed as two product. How do we integrate?

Discuss your approach in the comment box below.

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