Instructions For GCE O Level 2008 Private Candidates

Due to the drawing near on closing date for the registration of 2008 GCE O Level exams, they have been a high search on this area.

I have also quite a number of emails on this as well.

I have written previously in How To Retake O Level As A Private Candidate on some of the steps involved in the registration.

All Private Candidates must be clear on the instructions of the following matters:
Click on image for a larger view.

The Complete Instructions available here.

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9 Responses to Instructions For GCE O Level 2008 Private Candidates

  1. Hi.
    I last took my o levels in 2000. I did eventually procced to poly and finished my dip. but afterall i am still unsatisfied with my o levels score.

    I did consider of taking my O levels again. I wanted to get a better grade in Eng Maths Combined Sci POA compared to the prev time. Do you have any schools or good prvt tutoring to assist?

    Any advices?


  2. How am i going to take And apply for GCE O level as a private candidate.


    alwaysLovely Reply:

    Kindly call 6872 2220 - MOE Customer Service Hotline for any questions regarding Private O level candidate registration.


  3. Hi. Im 18 years old this year. I failed badly in my o level in the year 2007, therefore didnt went to collect my cert. If i wan to retake my o levell next year. Do i have to go to private sch then i can register as private candidate?


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