GCE 'O' level Results 2009 Tentative Release Dates

According to SEAB website, 2009 GCE O level results will be scheduled for to be released between 11 - 13th January 2010.

Wishing all candidates the best of everything, may you get what you want!

Here's a list of polys & JCs open house 2010 between 7 - 13 Jan :

  1. Singapore Poly
  2. Temasek Poly (TP has a live chat room for students to find out more)
  3. Ngee Ann Poly
  4. Republic Poly
  5. Nanyang Poly
  6. NJC
  7. Hwa Chong
  8. ACJC
  9. SAJC
  10. TJC
  11. Yishun, Anderson, Innova, Serangoon JC
  12. NYJC (Facebook page)
  13. Meridian JC

Most Polys are holding their open house from 7 - 9 Jan while most JCs are having theirs on 13 Jan.

Personally, I feel that though theses open houses are catered for Secondary 4 'O' level candidates of 2009, students who are taking their O's this year (2010) could also drop by to find out more especially if you do not have any idea of where to go after your Os. This is a good time to find out more so that you can chart your way to the place you want to enroll in.

If you have any relevant open houses for 'O' level students, please add it under the comments section.

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4 Responses to GCE 'O' level Results 2009 Tentative Release Dates

  1. give me a site to check the results of O/L exams held in sri lanka .....i have got the girl's code but in which site do we find it...


    Ani Reply:

    Sri Lankan O/L results can be found on http://www.doenets.lk


    ishq Reply:

    can i get the web site check the international O/L results for May/June 2010 session



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