Does Stubborness Earn You More Marks?

I was doing Factor, Remainder Theorem with one of my students. She's a brilliant girl but has yet to achieve the results she truly deserves. I think she knows the reasons clearly :-)

She likes to do things her way.

And I am totally fine with students having their own style. Afterall, my best method might not be their best method. However, if their style is not helping them in terms of scoring, time management..., this is where I step in to influence and get them to better understand how my strategy (usually a much shorter way as I am a lazy person :-)) might help them to understand and get the answer faster and easily.

I get them to buy my idea. And most of the time, my idea sells out :)

Today post will be on Identity covered with Factor-Remainder Theorem.

There are 2 main methods to solve the question. And for me, I choose the "lazy" method again. Simply because it is easy, fast and accurate!


Who else wants to be like me? "Lazy" strategy which is easy, fast and accurate!

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  1. Cool... My teacher taught me this too.. =)) He likes to say dont do "grand ma ma"(in short he write G.M.M) method!


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