December Holidays (A/E-Maths) Trigonometry Revision Workshops

It doesn't matter if

  • you need to retake your A-Maths end of the year or early next year
  • you fail both your Maths horribly
  • you didn't know what you were doing during Maths lessons for 2010
  • you were suggested by your school to drop A-Maths

It matters when you decide to start afresh, work just a little harder than before, this holiday.

I would love to remind you that 'O' Level E-Maths could be easy (ask your seniors or wait for ten years series book to be out next year, some questions are easier than PSLE), but you need to have strong basic foundation of your Secondary one to four topics for you to pass 'O' Levels and to score 'A', you need to know how to apply your knowledge in problem solving.

If you haven't done well, ask not your teachers, not your parents, not your tutors nor your friends but yourself. You know yourself best!

After you know the reason (s), ask your teachers, parents, tutors or friends for help.

I can help you if you think you can do better, you can improve, you want to start afresh. This December holiday, I'm conducting two revision workshops on:

  1. E-Maths Trigonometry (Read more here)
  2. A-Maths Trigonometry (Read more here)

I welcome all.

All it matters is you decide to start afresh, work just a little harder than before, this holiday.

Have a great holiday!

"It was great! I've enjoyed myself in this workshop. Through creative methods, I've learnt many new techniques in tackling variations in Trigonometry questions. This workshop has introduced me the types of questions that may come out. Also, has nicely classified them into categories which marks learning easier. I've clarified my doubts and through the exercises given, I've strengthened my concepts. I will strongly recommend this workshops to my classmates and schoolmates. Thanks you!"

Melina Koh, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School

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