Busy June Holidays With Intensive Revision Workshops (e-Math & a-Math)

I am back :-)

I apologise to all my readers on my absence for the entire month of June. I was busy with training a group of committed students in their a-Math like Logarithms, Linear Law, Trigonometry (Top Killer a-Math Topic), Quadratic Equations & Its Applications (Importance often underestimated) + Differentiation & Integration (Really x1000 important!)
e-Math Mastery Workshops include Trigonometry (again!), Vectors (many can't find this out too!), Graphs Mastery & Statistics - Probability (the participants were amazed by the power of their calculator + the shortcuts which saves them the time yet score the marks)

It was tiring but fun and meaningful June holidays. I am confident to say that most students left each workshop with an increased level of confidence and more tools to handle those exam questions!

They were equipped with the following:

  • Shortcuts (time-saving + easy to use)
  • Strategies to relate concepts to everyday life examples (help them to understand better and clearer)
  • Wise usage of time in exams conditions
  • Exposure to the various types of tricky , challenging + "interesting" exam questions

For those who missed out on your programmes, we are re-running A-Math Trigonometry Mastery Workshop. Be posted of future workshops by filling up your email details here.

For the next few weeks, I will continue to blog on more Math Tips on the common mistakes many students make and how you can avoid them to score more marks for your exams!

Here is the link to the video of photos taken at the various workshops:


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