After 'O' levels: Single Intake For JCs (Junior Colleges)


It was reported in Strait Times on the reasons for single intake, the start of Junior Colleges for 2009.

It was mentioned that the GCE 'O' level results will be out in early January so that all year 1 students can report for their respective JCs on 2 Feb 09. No more 1st 3 months of JC!

This also means the following:

  • Entry to JCs is now solely based on your 'O' level results
  • Preliminary exams results are perhaps not viewed as important since they would not be used for admission
  • Every student is admitted at the same time based on a common examinations, fairer ground compared to old system of entry by prelim results.
  • Attitude towards prelims might change since they are not used, hence the outcome is not important. (It was my first time in my life that some students have time to play sports after a prelim paper; well I don't mean to say that this is totally wrong, in fact it is perhaps a good form of break after a stressful paper. Never during my time did we have the courage to play in the midst of prelims, games come only after the completion of the papers)

So how did you fare for your prelims? Do you like this new policy of JC admission?

Leave me a comment at the box below.

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