A-Math: Kinematics Step by Step Solution (Strategy To Answer Distance Question Correctly)

In the previous post on the typical questions on Kinematics, I am going to show up the step by step solution to answer a typical Kinematics exam question taken from my A-Math TREQ Book.

Things to take note:

  1. How to get the acceleration equation?
  2. What does it mean by 'momentarily at rest' ?
  3. How to find greatest velocity?
  4. *How to find distance accurately (using a diagram, I called it DD-Diagram; Displacement Distance Diagram)

Every year and in almost every paper, you will be asked to find Distance. The examiners are testing on your understanding of displacement, displacement, momentarily at rest. You must learn how to find it accurately and within the shortest period of time.

Learn from this example well!

(click on the image for a bigger view)

(click on the image for a bigger view)

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4 Responses to A-Math: Kinematics Step by Step Solution (Strategy To Answer Distance Question Correctly)

  1. I don't quite understand the qn 8iv).
    Can i do one by one ,for eg.
    and so on...
    until t=10,s=___?
    And i don understand y 256+56 and not 256+200?


  2. this qn is poorly phrased, the last qn shud be displacement and not distance. It caused me some confusion until i interpreted yr answers.


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