A-Math: Binomial Theorem Checklist

checklist-amLast lesson, I recapped with my students the essence of Binomial Theorem in A-Math and upon searching my website, I found that I have written quite a number of posts on this topic.

I'm going to list down the points you need to know before you go for your exams.

Do you know

  • How to use the Binomial formula provided on the formula sheet?  (term by term expansion, (r+1)th general term, factorial formula)
  • What's term independent of x?
  • Which term to use in a double bracket expansion?
  • How to apply Binomial concepts in evaluating values?

Binomial theorem is closely linked to Indices and every year, there is always one question worth 5 - 7 marks in 'O' Levels.

Hope you find this post beneficial and I would love to hear your comments on Binomial theorem. Do you like this topic or you don't? Leave me a comment.

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  1. hi, im from brunei and i don think i've learnt the double angle formula. i do not know how to solve the ?tan(square)2x dx. could you please email me the step by step working? please and thank you.


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