Sch Holidays Ended, Brand New Start

To all readers of singaporeolevelmaths,

I apologise for my MIA(Missing In Action) for the last few weeks, I was away for a Holiday Retreat ;revision sessions I meant ;-) but I promise my readers that I must work harder for the next 3 months. 'O' Levels are creeping up real fast, are all Sec 4/5s ready for the challenge?

To students & parents who have called me recently for classes, I'm sorry to have disappointed you. My time schedule is all fully booked at this period. For all Sec 1 - 3s, you may call me again in November 2008 if you want to prep yourself up for 2009 school term. Meanwhile study hard!

I will be back sharing on some of the interesting questions on both A & E Maths so that all my readers regardless of where you are from can benefit from this sharing.

Cheers & Mug On Smartly!


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