Has Your Child Realized his Potential?

For the past few days, I saw many students with their parents walking out of schools with their report books. It's the Meet-the-Parents sessions after the mid-year exams.

How did your child perform?

In any case, give him the credit for putting the effort regardless of how little or how much the amount. We must acknowledge studying is a stressful process in Singapore.

Given the amount of time students spend in their CCAs and outside school activities, many don't have much time and even energy left for their self-study. This is certainly not an excuse for them to under perform.

And come this June holidays, they should have more time for their self-study but many students might have no idea how to start or simply lack the motivation to start their revision.

I'm here to help!

For the 5th year running, I'm conducting the O-Level June Intensive Revision Workshops to build students' confidence and understanding on a topic by topic basis.

Being focused is the key to effective revision this June and we have proven it year after year to have worked out well for our students.

Visit our website to find out how your child can benefit from our Intensive Revision Workshops this June Holidays!

Note that our programme is unlike any other Maths Tuition Centre in Singapore. It has proven to be effective in helping students to enhance their understanding and interest in O-Level Maths!

Call us at 9828 7357 to speak to us too!

I look forward to helping your child to realize his potential this June Holidays!

Maths Tuition Centre Singapore

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