Calculator Guide

Have you wondered how some students can finish their examinations faster, with even time for checking?

Have you wondered why some students just hardly made any careless mistakes?

Perhaps they know of something but you didn't...

Introducing the 'hidden' functions of your scientific calculator! 

Calculator Guide for Secondary School Mathematics 

Learn how your calculator can help you to solve the questions in the following sections through step-by-step instructions with screen shots of the calculator provided!

A) Solving Simultaneous Linear Equations
B) Solving Quadratic Equation
C) Evaluating Mean & Standard Deviation for Grouped Data
D) Evaluating Mean & Standard Deviation for Ungrouped Data
E) Solving Cubic Equation
F) Modulus: Abs
G) Binomial Expansion: ! and nCr
H) Trigonometry Ratio of Special Angles

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