Announcement: GCE 'O' Level Secondary 3 Additional Math Programme Starts 19th April 2009

For current GCE 'O' Level Secondary 3 Additional Math students:

If you are facing challenges in understanding and making sense of Additional Math, you must seek help NOW! And not wait till end of year, thinking that you still have time. The truth is consistency is the key to good grades!

Our Company, Winners Education Group is launching the Additional Mathematics Ultimate Leap Programme for Secondary 3 this Sunday 19th April 2009.

We would like to invite you to

  • understand the abstracts in an easier manner
  • "see" Additional Mathematics using everyday life analogies
  • expose themselves to real application questions
  • build up their confidence for more challenging topics
  • instill more interest in Additional Mathematics

Based on our many years of experience, the challenges of Additional Mathematics surface very early in their Secondary 3 and very often left unattended. Misconceptions get accumulated and create very unhappy students who are unmotivated due to the repeated failures.

So start early and build strong foundation, one concept at a time.

To join the programme, please contact us at

Click here for more programme details.

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