A-Maths Trigonometry Revision Workshop

Date: 13 - 15 December 2010, 9 am to 1 pm

Venue: YMCA Orchard (Nearest MRT: Dhoby Ghaut)

Suitable for: Students taking GCE 'O' Levels A - Maths in 2011
(i.e Sec 4 or 5 - 2011)

Workshop fees: $750


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Your child will learn

bullet The basic concepts of A-Maths Trigonometry: Basic angle, negative angle, simplification through diagrams, drawing of triangles to find trigonometry ratio of special angles
bullet Strategies to prove identity question, by zooming into the section, applying the right set of formula to answer within 8 steps
bullet How to draw a trigonometry graph in 7 steps within 5 minutes or less
bullet The purpose and the significance of Identity, double, factor, addition formulas. The fastest way to decide the correct set of formula to use

How to identify and solve the various types of trigonometry equations using the right approach and selecting the right set of formula to applySign Up Here!


What previous participants say

"I actually enjoy trigonometry more after this workshop. I understand trigo better and I know how to apply the different concepts. This programme is different from other programmes as it is very interactive and the notes and 'quick check' help to reinforce what was taught. I feel more confident when I tackle trigo questions now and I really enjoyed this programme a lot!"
Chloe Lim, St Nicholas Girls' School

"This programme helped me to understand how to use the R Formulae and Factor Formulae. As this is a crash course of some sorts, it is definitely nevertheless detailed in all aspects of teaching and learning. My Interest in Math has further increased with this workshops allowing me to realise that Math isn't really as complicated as it seems."
Goh Zhao Jie, Dunman High School

"Taught me many useful tips and Math Skills to help me save time. My concepts are clearer also. It is different in a way that it is very organized. I will recommend it to my friends who are weak in Math." Fung Wan Pei, Ang Mo Kio Secondary SchoolSign Up Here!




30 Days Email-Coaching: All participants can email us personally after completion of workshop on any questions on the concepts discussed in the workshop. We will response within 3 days with tips and hints. This is our commitment towards all participants
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