Which option should I take after O Level?


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Now that the GCE O Level students have received their results. I think most of you will be deciding on the path you are going to take.

Oh yar, congratulations to WS (Chung Chueng High School Main) & J ( Unity Sec School) on achieving the wonderful results (:

I think it is useful to hear from folks who have gone through the decision making on where to go after your O Levels.

Sean from SimpleChemConcepts.com has written an article based on his personal experience on his choice of route after his O Level. You can read more about here.

Options Galore - Choosing the Right Path for O-Level holders

Personally, I continued my education in the Junior College route. I was able to continue my education in National Junior College after the release of my O Level results. One of the main reasons for my choice was that I was not sure of the course I want to pursue at that moment but one thing for sure, I want to enter the local university and my parents pin high hopes on me on this aspect. Well, JC offers the fastest way to enter the university and I must say during my time, the JC route was pretty the same as Secondary in the sense that it is rather academic.

From what I understand, Poly students are exposed to more hand-ons which have definitely mould them into more "society-inclined". Afterall, worklife is about the application of the knowledge we have learnt.

Nevertheless, I had no regrets on my choice of entering into the JC as I achieve my objective and at the same time, get to know some great friends who I have excellent friendships with until now.

I always like to emphasize, whichever your choice is, it must be something you like or have interest in continuing with so that the flame will keep on burning despite any challenges.

This is the big picture for Singapore Education System which I thought is useful.

For a complete picture, click here.

By Ministry of Education MOE

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