Where To Look For Jobs Suitable For Students

Update: Fight for part—time jobs gets tougher (Students looking for part time jobs might face a little more challenges with more workers getting retrenched in this financial turmoil, be positive and hold the faith)

I overheard a group of youngsters mentioning about the different types of jobs available for them. They were on handphone with their guy friend. The few girls ask him to consider being a waitor or a cashier at one of the major supermarkets.

I remember I started my first job after my A Levels. I guess the trend has changed; with more toys to play, more clothes to buy, heavier handphone bill to foot. Youngsters have to find means to support their lifestyle, isn't it?

It is so common to see a youngster with at least some if not all of the following items:

  • Handphone (s)
  • PSP
  • ipod
  • Camera
  • Laptop

So we can imagine the amount of $ required to support the gadgets lifestyle when parents decide not to be part of their ATM supporters anymore.

It is no wonder that more students are quickly finishing holiday jobs to make more pocket $, know more students and be more finanically and mentally independent; the pursuit of adults lifestyle.

Youth.sg has teamed up with Jobscentral to provide more suitable jobs for students. I thought this is really a brilliant idea! Cheers! More details here

Enjoy your work stint and have fun!

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