What Matters Most

Most students should have completed your common tests or in the midst of completion.

How have you performed? Are you happy with your results? Are you upset? Or you don't bother at all?

What matters most is perhaps not what you have scored, but moving forward, what do you do with the outcome?

Every test or examination has a lesson for us to learn. Do you sit down and think through the lessons taught or you simply forget about it?

3 Questions to learn the lesson well:

  1. Ask yourself, what are some of the good things you have done? (You start preparation early, you clarify all your questions before the test, you did your assignments consistently, you manage your time well, you handle the questions with calm and confidence)
  2. What did not go right this time? (Slept too late the night before your test, you didn't put in any effort, your 'what's-the-great-deal' attitude, you didn't finish the questions due to poor time planning)
  3. What is one action you would work on to improve upon on your next test or examination?

Regardless how you have fared for your test, there are definitely good things you have done, it just takes time to realize and acknowledge.

So, what you have learnt?

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