What Is The Difference Between Sketch And Draw?

It is important to know the difference between Sketch A Graph & Draw A Graph.

Sketch ==>

  • On foolscap paper
  • Best Representation of the graph
  • Less time as it reflects only the general shape of the graph.

Draw ==>

  • On graph paper
  • Accurate representation of the graph
  • More time needed as it usually involves more points on the graph
  • Curve rule/french curve is usually required.


Sketch y=-3x+1

What I will do :

  1. Find x-intercept (i.e. set y = 0)
  2. Find y-intercept (i.e. set x = 0) y = 1
  3. Put the 2 points on the axes I have drawn on foolscap, join the 2 points, label the line.

Draw y=-3x+1

  1. Set up a table of 3 values of x choosen randomly i.e x = -1 , 0, 1
  2. Find out values of y for each value of x by substituting into the equation of the line.
  3. Plot the points on a graph paper accurately.
  4. Join the 3 points, label the line.

Good in straight line? You might want to check out how you can draw Exponential Graph here even with NO Math knowledge.

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