Video Solution Of Plane Geometry Question (Plus:Strategy To Handle Angles)

This is the step by step video solution for this Plane Geometry question

Inside this video, you will get to know how I begin this question with a clear objective and the steps I took to achieve this objective.

I used 2 strategies (on differentiating the angles) to quickly and easily prove this question.

  • Letting an angle be x
  • Usage of color (In exams, you can perhaps use different type of lines to differentiate the angles as well)

Hear from you on this approach. If you have your own approach, we would love to hear from you.

Leave me a comment in the section below.

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5 Responses to Video Solution Of Plane Geometry Question (Plus:Strategy To Handle Angles)

  1. Thanks for sharing with us the answers!

    I was looking at this question for some time but dont seems to be able to find a way to prove it!

    I hate proving questions in Mathematics.
    Your step-by-step solutions certainly helped me to have a clearer picture of the strategy to use.

    Keep sharing more with us.

    Sean =)


  2. I really hate geometry proof questions.
    I always skipped it on papers that i tried.
    Thanks for your advice.
    Hope you could continue to provide it
    Addition Mathematics is on 22 and 24 October
    Really scared now.
    Thanks a lot anyway



  3. Great! :)

    So it is...
    <PQT = <PRQ (alt segment theorem)
    thus since
    <PRQ = <PXT (corresponding <s, XT//RQ)
    <PQT = <PXT
    (<s in the same segment)



  4. Are there any other methods to solve? Really don't know how to do these type of questions!!!! Scared sekali fail how sia????


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