[Video] A-Math: Quadratic Equation & Discriminant (Plus Common Mistakes & Counter Measures)

Commonly asked in school and 'O' Level Examinations, many students also commit to commonly made mistakes. Watch the video (5 minutes) and see how you can add another 3 marks easily.

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4 Responses to [Video] A-Math: Quadratic Equation & Discriminant (Plus Common Mistakes & Counter Measures)

  1. Very good video for students to learn Quadratic Equations, as well as a teaching tool for teachers and tutors. Keep sharing! I will share this video blogpost with my readers.


  2. Many of us forget to change the inequality sign when we arrive at this stage

    -12k < -36
    k < 3

    Glad you have shown a better way to avoid the above error.


  3. Much appreciated post. I find that even when I point out those mistakes, there's still a large percentage of students that make them.


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