The Exclamation Mark ! in Binomial Theorem

factorial-sign-binomialBinomial Theorem came out as a 9 marks question in 2009 GCE 'O' Level Additional Mathematics Paper (Subject Code: 4038) so you know as well as I do the importance of Binomial.

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I'm looking at the question now. It is testing on the usage of the Binomial formula, including the 'n choose r' formula. Many students call this sign: '!' 'exclamation mark' which is known correctly as factorial.

I will be using the following question to illustrate how to simplify the 'n choose r' formula without memorizing. (I understand some schools want students to memorize)

Let's begin by understanding what's 'n choose r' all about:

Click on image for larger view

Do you know how to simplify 'n choose 3'?

Here's the question which requires us to apply what we have discussed. I would suggest you attempt it on your own before clicking here for the solution.


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