Start of School Holidays!

Secondary school students have already enjoy close to 1 month of holidays while primary school students just have their fun beginning.

I was talking to a parent recently and I realize how much autonomy MOE schools have nowadays. They can decide when to start holidays, when not to have classes.

Education system is opening up, recently there was a report on home schooling in Singapore which is something really popular in US.

Kids no longer have to go schools to attend lessons. They can learn at home from tutors, coaches or even online learning. One of the benefits I personally support home schooling is that education can be customized to each kid's learning needs and pace. The family which was reported in the papers has children finishing their O Levels much earlier than the rest of the children in mainstream. Surprisingly, both parents are in fact doctors in profession and I am really impressed with the level of discipline the kids have. In my opinion, one of the most important skills that going to school trains is the social skills - the way to interact with others, work in a team. All these must be learnt by experience and no way are more theory or guide sufficient to teach social skills.

With the start of school holidays, I wish all kids and teenagers a meaningful vacation :). There are lots to enjoy this season.

One of which is the Singapore Teddy Bear Show :)


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