Simple Interest And Compound Interest

Given a choice between the 2 different types of interest, which will you choose? This is taught under Elementary Mathematics (E-Math)

Before you make the smart choice, let's examine the differences between these 2 different types of interest through an example.


alwaysLovely deposited $1000 into Bank A for 2 years which pays a simple interest of 10% p.a.( per annum --> per year). How much will she get at the end of 2 years?

1 year -->10% , 2 years --> 20%

Total interest earned for 2 years = 1000 * 20% = $200

Total amount = $1000 + $200 = $1200


alwaysLovely deposited $1000 into Bank B for 2 years which pays a compound interest of 10% p.a. How much will she get at the end of 2 years?

Interest earned in Year 1 = 1000 * 10% = $100

Principal Amount for Year 2 = $1000 + $100 = $1100

Interest earned in Year 2 = 1100 * 10% = $110 /*Interest is calculated based on the new principal amount*/

Total amount received for 2 years = $1000 + $100 + $110 = $1210

So which is better, Bank A or Bank B ?

Check out the next post on Formulae Usage on Simple And Compound Interest which will reduce your time to reach your correct answer.

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