Sec 2s Promoting to Sec 3s

Hello World,

I believe most of the students have received your streaming outcome. I certainly hope that you have gotten the subject combination that you have chosen.

The other day I was at Brass Basah Complex, Popular Bookstore. I was shocked to find that Popular has already stocked up with all the textbooks and parents are already armed with the booklist, doing the purchases for their children. I guess for you folks, you are doing your own purchase since you all afterall are youths :)

For those who are doing both A and E Maths for your Sec 3s, Congratulations!

Well, I know what some of you are thinking. Though it's 2 different subjects, there are in fact overlaps of some topics. So this is good thing!

I think it is important to have a glance, yeah, a glance of what you will be expecting for the upcoming 2 years. Note I mention 2 years, O levels preparations for Maths have commenced not only in Sec 3s, not in Sec2s, but the moment you begin Sec 1s! No! I'm not exaggerating. See for yourself the GCE O Levels Maths Syllabus here!

GCE O Level Elementary Mathematics New Syllabus

GCE O Level Additional Mathematics New Syllabus

I will be sharing some tips in these few weeks to get you all started :)

Keep a lookout.

Next few weeks till X'mas: All Sec 4s to be would definitely want to come back as real exam questions will be discussed here!

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